Players in the database twice

It looks like there are two entries for the same player:


One has his minor league stats, the other has his major league stats.

Fixed, first one is gone forever.

Thanks. The same issue appears to exist with Tzu-Wei Lin. Playercard ID’s 23812 and 31277.

Ok there should be only one Tzu-Wei Lin now as well.

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I found a bunch more. I continue to report them because I can’t think of a reason you would want these players in the database twice, but the basic pattern (one ID for the minor leagues and a different one for the majors) has me wondering if this is a feature rather than a bug.

Anyway, here they are:
Johan Camargo has Playercard ID’s 23800 and 30040.
Paul Blackburn has 23839 and 30376.
Jake Junis has 23787 and 29576.
Paul Sewald has 23838 and 30556.
Taylor Motter has 23760 and 28028.
John Hicks has 23863 and 27700.
Jose LeClerc has 23764 and 28515.
Shawn Morimando has 23821 and 29387.
Brent Suter has 23829 and 29869.
John Brebbia has 23842 and 28059.
Miguel Diaz has 23763 and 30407.
Jarlin Garcia has 23777 and 28648.
Brad Goldberg has 23837 and 28165.
Drew Steckenrider has 23836 and 29802.
Matt Carasiti has 23807 and 27401.
Nick Goody has 23785 and 29146.
James Pazos has 23765 and 27435.
Scott Oberg has 23778 and 27572.

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These are definitely bugs. I know how this happened - I was trying to mass add a number of minor leaguers a while back, and the script I used didn’t do a name check in case I had already added said player as a major leaguer.

I’ll clean this up soon. I really appreciate you doing the legwork on this, maybe @LuckyStrikes and I can come up with a badge for “helping clean up Niv’s silly messes” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the follow-up. I’ll keep posting them if and when I find them. Here’s one:

Chris Devenski has 23604 and 29198.

Yep that sounds good. I’m going to get to these today!

All the dupes reported so far have been cleaned up.

Hi Niv,

Was going through some draft prep and noticed that there are two versions of Daniel Espino now. I’m assuming that the 37812 player ID is the one that should remain (you helped me with adding the 37798 one back when he was first drafted and not yet in the system).



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This is fixed.

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