Players Missing in Roster Organizer

So, I was over my roster limit earlier this off-season, and when I went to use my Roster Organizer, I realized that it didn’t show all my players. I thought it might be a bug where the tool only ever showed you 20 players, so I cut players to get back down to 20. But now it only shows 19. As far as I can tell, it is always the same player it excludes: Jameson Williams.

The hilarious irony is I was going to post this last night but was too lazy. But rest assured this bug is not being caused by his most recent suspension–it has been happening for weeks if not months. And before I cut down to 20, it was happening to multiple players. I believe one such player was Marquise Brown, who is still on my team and now shows up in the tool.

Anyway, just wanted to bring it to your attention.


Could youl link me to your team?

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Which team is yours? Er nevermind I found it

You have 3 players at Flex - could you try moving a Flex guy to the Bench?

Bizzare. I could only see two players in flex but then I moved them out, refreshed, and suddenly Williams appeared in the flex. Strange! Thanks for the help!

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Definitely weird, not sure how you got 3 guys into Flex!

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