Players with multiple eligibility in Fantasy Football

So this doesn’t come up a lot in Football, so i’m not sure what the settings are, however I know that other platforms are considering adding eligibility for Pryor (QB) and Montgomery (RB). Is this something that may happen this season in Ottoneu? What would those eligibility requirements be? For instance, I believe that next week Montgomery will be the starting RB for the Packers.

Eligibility in fantasy football in general is pretty subjective, though it has really far-ranging consequences for player valuation.

I’m not sure the best way to handle adding eligibility just yet, though having watched a little bit of the Packers, it is pretty clear that Ty Montgomery is actually taking a go at being a RB, which can’t be ignored. Pryor is a bit different, as he (like Edelman could have in week 3) is only going to play QB because there are no other warm bodies to play QB for the trash fire that is the Cleveland Browns. So, in a completely subjective world, I’d be on-board with adding RB to Ty Montgomery’s eligibility.

That being said, I’ll play this more conservative this year, talk to some folks I know in the industry, and come up with a rule that is less at the whims of my subjectivity. I found which sounds like what I’d like to have for Ottoneu Fantasy Football, but I am not sure how our data provider compares with Yahoo on this front.

I’ve had it come up in 2 leagues now about Ty Montgomery, especially since he has picked up RB eligibility in other formats.

Will you be adding it?

We won’t be adding RB to Ty Montgomery this week, and I’ll work with my data provider to see what the right solution is going forward.

Currently, Ottoneu Fantasy Football does not support multi-position players, since they are so rare, but I’ll prioritize updating the platform to support this as well.

So even if Montgomery was given RB eligibility it would mean taking away WR?

@eamuscatuli I reject the premise, if that makes sense.

No player will get a second position before the platform can support multi-position players. No player will lose position eligibility mid-season.

I agree with that position, I was just trying to clarify that even if you wanted to allow Montgomery to have RB eligibility right now that it would mean making him RB-only (due to the way the platform currently works).

What would it take to support multi-position eligibility? Is it something that can be done mid season? Or are we talking next season at earliest?

The platform should be able to support it mid-season, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Ty Montgomery (or any other player) will get a second eligibility.

If that’s the the case I need to be able to explain what it will take in order to gain eligibility. I have a league full of ESPN guys (10) and the pushback is that he already has the eligibility in other formats. I’m fine saying he hasn’t earned it yet in this format, but would be good to be able to explain what it would take.

Yahoo, CBS, and our data provider all have not given Montgomery RB eligibility. We are leaving it to the judgment of our data provider for now.

I wanted to bump this 3 weeks later with a few updates:

  1. I have confirmed with our data provider that they will add a secondary position if they deem it necessary. It’s kind of black magic what their qualifications are, but suffice it to say that they can decide to give a player a second position.

  2. The platform now supports this - if a player has WR/RB eligibility, they will be able to be played in both position in your lineup.

  3. There aren’t any players who have more than one position eligibility as of today. Who knows what tomorrow may bring, though? No one, that’s who.

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Since the last thread was locked wanted to bring this back up here. I know it’s a rarity, but just wanted to see what the status of this will be for 2017. Ty Montgomery has been used as a RB on over 70% of snaps since mid October and just had a 160+ yard rushing day… and still no RB eligibility. ESPN and Yahoo have made the switch to RB/WR eligibility, and while CBS hasn’t they’ve given Commissioners the ability to do it manually.

Pushing the responsibility off exclusively to the data provider was the last answer in the last thread and that seems insufficient since the data provider has failed to make the update this year nor have they provided clarity on what it would take to do so. Would be good to maybe re-investigate whether this is something that control of can be passed to the leagues or if there is a way to set some solid guidelines for next season - say, a certain % of snaps over a certain number of games, and force the change whether the data provider does so or not.