Playoff bracket not updating / lineups can't be adjusted

Hi, checking in, playoffs start Thursday in our league but the playoff bracket hasn’t shown and our lineups are still locked and can’t be adjusted. Anyone else having the same problem?

The games will be set at 1am this morning. I meant to set them earlier today but had a bunch of other stuff to get to. In the future I’ll make sure they set around noon the day after the fantasy regular season ends.

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They’ll also move to being set just a little after noon on Tuesdays going forward this postseason.

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Playoff games are being created now as expected. Next week they will come out at 12:15pm ET on Tuesday, rather than 1am ET on Wednesday. Those of you with games should be able to update your lineups. Everyone else should be able to view their lineups but won’t be allowed to set them since you don’t have a game.

Need our playoff matchups set again….

Working off this timing:

Didn’t make changes this week despite there being no Tuesday games.