Playoff Bye -- Season over message

The two teams with a first-round bye both get messages that our season is over on the lineup page… just confirming that will not be case on Monday 9/7? If it’s a problem, wanted to give heads up with time to fix.

I believe that message should be updated now for teams with byes to indicate that they just don’t have a playoff game this week. Let me know if not.

Not yet, unless I need to clear cache.

It seems like caches are a real nuisance today, so maybe. I can confirm that the “Season is over” message was and perhaps is being shown to teams both not in the playoffs AND teams that have a first week bye.

NP, thanks!

If the “Your season is over” message is still showing after a browser cache clear, please let me know.

Still says it even after clearing cache.

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I’m investigating. If you could link me to your leagues home page that would help.

A bye team is also reporting it in my league:

The team is Death to Shoopy

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Thanks y’all. Should have this resolved shortly.

I believe this should now be fixed. Teams who earned a bye will not see a lineups page but will have a more useful message on their lineups page.

It works!

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