Playoff SP cap not the same as regular season SP cap

League 531 played the season with a 10 SP cap, but for the playoffs the cap is gone, replaced by the daily 2 SP cap. I don’t see a setting in Commish Tools to adjust this setting for the playoffs. What am I missing? Was this something I should’ve set before the season began?

Yeah, since playoffs can be run by non-H2H leagues as well as H2H leagues, it has its own set of settings to be set in the offseason through Commish Tools.

I’m happy to update these settings for you if you’d like.

Just to be clear: this is non-obvious and I’ll think about how to make this smoother especially for H2H leagues!

Yes, please update this setting, that would be great. Thanks, Niv, you are awesome as always.


Y’all should be updated.

He is awesome and thank you for you prompt action as well.

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