Playoff team with 5 SP spots and 2 catcher spots

Hey Niv, I think we have a bug in the playoffs today for our league. The Peaky Bunters team is showing a full, non-playoff lineup today, while the other playoff teams in the league have been downgraded to 1 C spot and 2 SP spots.

Based on his team page, I’m not sure that he has logged on recently and set his lineup, so that might be causing the issue.


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This is most likely a display issue and I’ll check it out shortly.

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Is this person going to log in and look at their lineup before the evening games?

The bug here is that the site assumes people will check their lineups when the playoffs start. I am going to work on a fix that automatically benches players, but that will be indiscriminate. So, I really hope this team owner is planning to look at their team today.

I hope so, but he’s been offline for about a week. He sent me a message saying he was swamped with work/family/etc. and wasn’t going to be active much. I’ll send him a message, but I don’t have personal contact for him.

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Yeah fair enough. I just don’t want them to be surprised that Fried or Bieber (or maybe both) got moved to their bench today because of the fix for this bug.

Commissioners can use Commish Tools to get any league members email address FWIW. Not suggesting you pester this person but more of a general FYI.

He’s our commissioner :confused:

Just sent a message though! Hopefully he gets the email and checks it out.

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I just sent him a PM on our home forum. Dunno if it’ll help in time, but worth a try.

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Ok, it looks like the lineup has been updated and mostly is legal, though there is one too many SP.

I did a deep dive on this stuff just now. I can confirm it was a display bug - players will start to lock around game time and if too many players are locked at a certain position (i.e. 2 SP are already locked) the system will not lock additional players at that position. Not locked = no points.

I thought at first this was a really pressing bug, but instead if it s a less pressing display bug, rather than an exploit or anything of that nature. As it stands I won’t be making any changes today and will follow up tomorrow to ensure that this team does not get credit for 3 SP starts tonight.

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Sounds great. He got our messages and is online now. Glad to hear that it should affect outcomes. Thank you!

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Bieber is showing as in the SP slot but not accruing stats. So I think this is working as intended, though the initial display bug is annoying, to say the least.

Yep we’re all good! Now if only we could fix the bug where my batters lose points because they don’t hit the ball…

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