Playoff tie resulted in one team being in two matchups

In reference to this league:

Our playoff matchup yesterday ended in a tie. This week’s games now show that my team The Gobert Report is playing in both the consolation game and championship game.

I believe, since our teams were 1-1 in head to head this year and my team had the better seed, my team should advance to the championship while Morrison’s Mustache should be in the bronze match. But I’d appreciate any double checking on that.

Edge cases are fun.


There is never a satisfying resolution to ties but I believe the higher seed should probably advance in these situations. Minimally this is a reward for having a better regular season.

I’ll investigate what the system did here and fix it shortly. Thanks for the heads up!

Agreed, I was just citing the rules in my post (#10 under Playoffs where it says “In the case of a playoff game ending in a tie, the tiebreaker will be regular season head-to-head record, followed by playoff seed (higher seed advances).”

Thanks for the assistance!

Well if I wrote the dang rule then the system really failed me here.

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Had a couple of bugs in the event of a playoff tie, which have now been fixed. The 3rd place game in question has been fixed as well.

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