Playoffs with Roto-based scoring

Hello. Last year, there was a bit of chatter about 4x4 playoffs using the 4x4 rotisserie categories. Is there a possibility that will be available for the 2020 season? Thanks, just checking. Last year, we ran our own using the time range on the standings page. Worked great (with a couple league-driven hiccups about tie breakers), but it would appealing if it were natively part of the package. Thanks as always,

No plans for roto-based H2H or playoffs in 2020, but something I’m definitely interested in as an odd-year feature addition.

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Thanks. Quick follow up - are there any tie-breaking procedures in the SABR or fangraph point systems? Two teams tied at the end of a round? Or, given the spread of those points, it that just so unlikely to ever happen?

I ask because when we did the 4x4 last year, with only 8 categories we had some issues with ties at the end of our Round.


It doesn’t come up that often, and I believe right now its just a coin-flip if two teams end up with the same number of points in a playoff game.

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That’s funny…I think we went a little nuts:

If teams are tied at the end of a Round:

  1. Single game, sudden death tie breaker. One day’s worth of stats counted. (we mapped it out calendar-wise to ensure the tie-breaker day had all mlb teams playing…but this was problematic as it was impossible to mitigate differences in SPs starting on the tied teams…)
  2. If still tied, those single-day stats are then added back into the previous six days worth of stats to see if tie is broken.
  3. If still tied, the team with the most IP over those same 7 days wins.
  4. If still tied, we assign each category a number (1 through 8). Then, we use a random number generator to randomly pick a number 1 through 8. Whatever number is randomly chosen determines the tie-breaking category. And, whichever team was better in that category, wins. Repeat until winning category found.

And how many of those tiebreakers did you actually use?

The first one wouldn’t really work for the site, but 3 and or 4 make the most sense to me if its only 8 or 10 total categories.

Well, we skated through Round 1 without needing it (and, we had a rule that if no tie breaker was needed, Round 2 would start on tie-breaker day).

Round 2, though, it was clear early that there was a good chance for a tie…and then everybody realized our #1 was not thoroughly thought-out, which prompted - like - a 98 reply email chain.

In the end, the two teams who were heading toward a tie made a handshake deal to use regular season ending rotisserie position as the tie-breaker. That only worked because they weren’t tied at the end of the “regular” season…so, it was noble of the team who knew they couldn’t win the tie breaker to agree to that.

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Good stuff to consider if we bring on category-based H2H / playoffs. Thanks for sharing.

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