Point Rates Stats needed in Fangraphs

In a points league, the single stat that gives me the easiest, quickest sense of a player’s performance are the Point Rates Stats (points per game and points per inning pitched). Is it possible to have these added to the Fangraphs sortable stats and/or free agent pages?

Thanks as always for a great product!


I have a little bit of a backlog of things to reach out to FanGraphs about, so I’ll be doing that today and will mention this. Thanks!


Thank you. Your responsiveness is impressive and appreciated

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this would be handy as hell, agreed

Hey Niv – Just checking in on this idea, as I was thinking the same recently, and also how it’d be great to have the sortable stats / free agent pages show the Ottoneu-relevant stat categories first and foresmost. I know this isn’t really in your control, but it’s probably the one part of the Ottoneu experience that still feels a little raw. But that’s not intended as criticism – you’re doing tremendous work!


One more thought on this thread: currently, when you look at free agents or the sortable stats, there doesn’t appear to be a way to do a custom date split. There are drop-down defaults to specific months, Last 7 Days, Last 14 Days, etc. . . but no way to say look at the first half or second half of a season (or put in a custom range, ideally). What’s curious is that when you just go to Fangraph’s leaderboards, there are splits for 1st half and 2nd half at least, but that option isn’t available on the ON pages. I’d love to be able to do that because it’d be great to be able to identify which players had good (or bad) second halves, etc. Thanks.

I had dinner with David at FanGraphs last night and I showed him this thread and he took notes. I should have an update for all of you very soon.

Specifically about the custom date range request, that is a long-standing request on the FG side as well, and he’s aware of it but it is not coming as fast as the other fantasy leaderboard improvements.

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Niv – Just checking in on this topic for the sortable stats and free agent stats. It looks like there’s a customizable date range now on the leaderboards for FG:


Any chance we’ll eventually have that option of the ON stat / free agent pages as well? Thanks!