Points not zeroed for missing minimum innings


Our league (209) had several teams miss the innings minimum, but they still earned pitching points. Am I missing something? Does this just take longer to update?


I haven’t 0’d out teams that haven’t hit their pitching limits yet. Still verifying stats and working on some other things.


I have 0’d out points for teams that did not make 1250IP. Let me know if something seems off!


Looks good from here. I didn’t look closely enough the previous years. I just assumed that the other teams would get score increases if the were worse in a particular category than a team that didn’t meet the innings min. That assumption was incorrect, however. I understand why it’s not that important to zero out the teams who don’t meet minimums: it will rarely affect who wins the league.

I think a case could be made that if a team gets 2nd place in ERA, but doesn’t get enough innings in, the 3rd place team should get 11 points rather than 10. I’m not going worry about it though. Thanks for the quick responses and the updating!