Position Depth Chart in auction team list

Would it be possible to add the team-by-team position depth chart to the auction draft team list? This would make it much easier to follow along with team needs.

Screen real-estate makes that tough, but I’m working on an unrelated feature that might help with screen real-estate on the draft page if it works. Prob won’t be until later this week or early next week before I know for sure but I am on board with this idea generally.


Nice! Yeah, auctioning right now, and someone was wondering who needed catching, and we’re all just ¯_(ツ)_/¯, heh. I could see a line under each name, but yeah, that’s a lot of screen real estate lost.

Similar to the wishlist post about draft history:

Acknowledging that this can be added but won’t tackle this until we’re in the season.