Position Pts/Gm & IP Points breakdown

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Can we add a table that lists the positions and how many games (innings), points, and pts/gm (pts/ip) all in one place? Thanks.


This table would be pretty cool for roto and points leagues. I’ll definitely look into it.


Hey Niv, any thoughts on this? A quick status update would be cool. Even if it’s just, “still thinking on it.” As always, thanks for considering.


It is definitely in the queue and will be built. I have a few things in progress right now that are ahead of it, but I hope to have it built before the end of this season in some form.


That is great! Thanks for the update.


As an update, I’m going to focus on this as my wishlist item to complete through the rest of the week / weekend. Barring any major issues, I hope to make some serious progress on this soon.


Excited to hear!! Thanks Niv!


If you visit the lineups page for your team or any team, you can scroll down and see a section titled “Production per position”. This table shows the breakdown of how that team has been performing at each position this season. I think this table is going to be a huge boon to understanding how to improve your team and what kinds of trades make sense. Please let me know your thoughts or if any of the stats seem goofy.

I’ll eventually make this data available in more places, so get thinking about where else you’d like to see this.


Hi @nivshah. Fantastic addition! Thanks so much.


Great addition. I think if we could expand this to include the last 30/15/7 days filter I think it would perfect. (I also would like that filter available more generally (also the roster page?)) But this is still great.


Niv, this is a fantastic addition and so helpful! Thanks for not only adding, but responding so quickly.