Positional Depth Table Not Updating?

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Swung this deal in league 871:

Due to Fletcher’s multi-eligibility I should have 4-2B, 3-SS, 4-3B and 10th SP with Manea; but the positional depth chart still shows the counts from prior to the trade.

Looking around my league, multiple team’s positional charts are incorrect following adds/cuts over the past couple days. At first I thought it might be because we’re a weekly lineup league, and the eligibility is a snapshot of the locked lineup from Monday, but the Fletcher deal was processed prior.

Does that depth table update in real time? Or at a certain point every week?
Interested to know what’s causing the inconsistency…

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The positional depth seems to be cached forever. A trade should shake it loose, but doesn’t right now. I’ll check it out!


I noticed the same thing with Suarez and India gaining SS and 2B eligibility, but not updating the positional depth, FYI.

Yeah same thing. Not sure what tells the site to actually update that table now that I’m looking at it.

This should be fixed now. If your positional depth chart looks wrong, it will take at most a hour for the site to update it.

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Fixed for me! Thanks!!

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