Potential Trade Evaluation

Based on the rest of the year, would you trade a $18 Marcus Semien for a $16 Tyler Glasnow? Glasnow will be back soon and even though he has an injury history, should be dominant in that Rays rotation and possibly as a #5 starter, he should really dominate…I have depth at 2B and SS so could afford to trade Semien now, even though I know he eventually will kick it into gear…

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I have often heard the advice that, if in doubt chose a hitter over a pitcher. In my personal experience this almost always turns out to be the right decision. Here you have healthy hitter with a track record of success and a pitcher who has never managed to play a full season due to injury. Easy call in my book.

Without running any numbers, my gut reaction is that you should be able to get a high quality SP with fewer question marks than Glasnow for an $18 Semien.

And I say that as someone who has Glasnow in a number of leagues and likes his potential for 2023.


I’m a Glasnow guy and have held him for years in one league thru the latest TJ and more, but if somebody offered me Semien and I only had to take on $2 extra in salary, i’d run to accept that so fast lol

Hitter over pitcher for me, almost always.

Especially if you’re in a position where you view Semien as depth in the MI. I’d expect you could find a more valuable return than Glasnow for a player of his caliber.