PPD Games counting against SP GS Cap

Right now a postponed game is counting as a start. I had Kluber set to start tonight and that has resulted in one less start

I’ll make sure that’s fixed before tomorrow. The Yahoo link I shared was from two and a half years ago and they may have changed their approach since I shared it.

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I’d love if we could follow that industry move if it is new. Being able to move an officially (no stats accumulated) ppd player after the scheduled start time would be VERY helpful.

I get delay locks, but official ppd locks become a bit more frustrating and potentially very significant if you are in a GS limited H2H league like I am. (and @Jphelder is)

PPD starts aren’t an official game started so they will not count against the GS cap. I may have to make a fix to make that true but I’ll be working on it tonight and tomorrow morning.

Sorry to add to your woes, but same thing here… wish I could get that starting pitcher back.

I moved these posts to a new TechSupport topic. I consider this issue a bug, and I’m actively working on fixing it.

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I’ve put together a fix for this issue. Everyone who played a SP who locked in a game that was subsequently postponed should get that start back overnight going forward.

A better solution will come together once we get weather information from our data provider.


Thanks. Just checked and its fixed.


Anyone seeing this happen? I had a member reach out asking why he has 8 starts remaining when he’s had only start this week. I checked his lineups and he’s correct. He said it’s happened a few times this season.

Could you pass along some details so I can check?

League and team links should do it.

Yes sir. Its league 845 and the team link:

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I am also having this issue. I have 4 starts remaining, but should have 5. I believe it is because it is counting deGrom’s start last night that was postponed to today. The league is 462 and a team link is below. Thanks!


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I’ll make sure DeGrom and whoever was pitching for the other team are not counted against SP caps.

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This is usually automated but something didn’t run properly last night. I’m investigating.

DeGrom and Brett Anderson both should no longer be counting against GS caps.

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Thank you for your help with this!

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