Preparing for a startup auction

This is my first time participating in an ottoneu League. I have an auction for a startup league in 2 weeks. What are some ways I can prepare? Are there mocks available? Player rankings/values? Can I preset my player values prior to the auction?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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On the one hand, an Ottoneu mock seems cool. On the other, I hear that new league drafts in Ottoneau easily take 6+ hours, and who wants a mock like that?

Just do 2 rounds… I just want to get a sense for how it works

Video of an auction:


Man that’s awesome! Thanks friend

Can anyone tell me how long before the auction actually starting you can access the auction screen to create a watchlist and prepare etc?

If you go to your league home page, you will see an “Auction Draft” link (left-most in the sub-menu below your league name). You can click this to go to the Auction Draft room right now and prep, get a feel for the page, etc.

It’s been slightly redesigned since the video @Mulligan posted was made.

Thanks, but I can’t seem to see it as you’ve described. Perhaps it is because my league (883) still needs owners?

Oh, yeah if your league isn’t full yet you won’t see the auction room. But as soon as it fills up you will be able to start prepping!

OK cool, thanks

How many players can we add to the watch list before the draft? Can we set pre-draft values?

There isn’t a limit to the size of the draft watchlist. You cannot set values anywhere other than in your head / in a spreadsheet / on a piece of paper. I recommend using all three often :slight_smile:

Google Sheets is a wonderful thing :+1:

I’m sure you receive unsolicited advice constantly, but… would it be good to allow people to set values so they don’t have to spend several hours drafting (whether it’s all 1 day or spread out among multiple days)?

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I’ve participated in a number of auctions that allow people to pre-set values and I have found the experience to be incredibly lacking compared to a real auction draft. I also believe having a full auction draft experience raises the barrier to entry to the game, which results in more serious players and better leagues for everyone.

I’ve definitely given it consideration, but this is where I’ve landed on it for now.

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Interesting. Have you found it to be an effective barrier to entry? I’m guessing most people are already in the door (i.e. signed up, paid, and taking up a spot in a league) before they know that’s an issue.

I’m gung-ho and will do what I gotta do. Hopefully they wife won’t complain too much :wink:

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Compared to sites that allow you to pre-set values and not even show up? Yes, definitely.

EDIT Oh, and I wish you the best of luck with your wife on draft day :slight_smile:

If you let her in the same room while the auction is going on, you may miss upping a bid on a player that you wanted. Unless, of course, she is trying to tell you that your mother in law is on her way over. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thankfully, my girlfriend has a bachelorette party day on my draft day.

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This article could be helpful. Also, most first year auctions take at least 8 hours, and are often split into two 4 hour nights

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I see a lot of the older articles that describe a (2) catcher roster and a 23 man total starting roster. My understanding is that this is no longer the case…(1) starting catcher and 22 man total starting. Correct?