Preseason auction tie-breaker

searched for this info but didn’t find what determines the tie-breaker for player auctions before the season starts?

we’ve “lost” two auctions that were tied where our team had the lower standings.
but those standings for last season.
we’re not sure they count.
we’re also not sure what the tie-break rule would be aside from standings.

thanks to anyone who can share some knowledge.

From the rules page which I recommend you read in full:

V. b. If you wish to add a player to your roster, you must start an auction for the player, and bidding will end 48 hours after the start of the auction. The player must be within the Ottoneu player universe as defined by rule I.f. The player will be awarded to the manager who bids the most for the player, with any ties going to the team lower in the standings. If two teams are tied or the regular season has not begun yet, a coin flip will determine who is awarded the player. The team that nominated the player is obligated to bid on the player

Emphasis mine

thanks, niv!

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