Previous seasons showing H2H scoring but league used to not be H2H

Hello. This year, our league switched from 4x4 rotisserie to H2H.

When I look at past standings, they are all wiped and zeroed out. Is this expected behavior? Thanks.

Well, some stats are definitely showing up:


Those are the ones that were stored when you had a roto league before switching to H2H. The standings page is just showing up as if you are a points league even though in 2021 and before your league was (I believe) 4x4.

I will spend a little time tomorrow seeing if I can pull historical league settings if you are looking at a date on the standings page that is not in the current season.

Standings from previous seasons now respects the scoring system the league was using for that season. So if you used to have a 4x4 league and now you have a points league, you can see old 4x4 standings in the season(s) you were 4x4 on the Standings page.


Sweet. Thanks @nivshah. We’ve got a league disagreement going on, and access to this data is going to crush some arguments!

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