Previous trade offer being sent inadvertently

Hey, has anyone else had the issue where you send a trade, and then Ottoneu auto sends the same trade again as soon as you login again later?

Sometimes it is before they’ve rejected/accepted/countered, sometimes even after they’ve rejected it.

Makes me seem like quite the pest lol.

I mainly play on mobile if that helps.

Was happening a bit last year and I thought it would go away but has persisted into the off-season.

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Thought this was in the wishlist topic at first and was prepared to vehemently oppose the request! Phew…

Anyway - I’ve sent duplicate trade offers with some regularity on mobile. I think I realized this happens because I tap the confirm button on the trade review modal multiple times. If the proposal date is the same for your trades, this may be what is happening to you.


It’ll send out when I login again later, not just 2 sent simultaneously

When you come back to the site are you coming back to the Trade Wizard or to another part of the site?

What I’m hearing is:

  1. Offer trade
  2. Close browser
  3. Open browser up, back on the page where you offered trade, trade is offered again

Does that sound right?

Sometimes I’ve been in the trade wizard and then used a different app and came back hours later to it and it sent.

But today for example when it happened again I don’t think I was in the trade wizard.

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I have had similar issues with multiple trades. I can’t pinpoint whether or not I’m returning to trade wizard, but definitely occurs when I’ve made trades using my phone.

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