Prohibit "Regular" Prize Leagues from Enabling the 'Lottery' Tie-Breaker Setting

Regarding: Proposed: Changes to in-season auction tiebreakers

Quoting the Preamble of the Rules for Ottoneu:

“It is crucial that those owners who find themselves in the bottom half of the league in a given season have a reason to return for the next year, or else the league will collapse. Therefore, there must be safeguards put in place to ensure competitive balance, while at the same time allowing league owners to keep much of their team in place year-to-year.”

Any FA Auction setting using weighted-odds to break ties cannot remain true to this stated objective.

However, to quote a VIP of the Ottoneu community:

“some of us in highly competitive leagues would like a different, and in our opinion, better tie-breaker system starting in 2020.”

Therefore, I propose that all prize leagues which are non-“Championship” or otherwise non-‘highly competitive’ leagues to not have the option of enabling this setting. Only these “expert” leagues and non-prize leagues may have the setting available due to it’s competitively imbalanced nature.

This would ensure that ‘regular’ prize leagues which may be more vulnerable to activities that could abuse any competitively unbalanced measure such as this setting will only play within the spirit of the preamble for the Rules stated above.

A few comments:

  1. The original thread was a proposal, not an implementation. None of this has been built yet or decided on. Based on the two threads already locked on this issue, I’ll go back and consider what should be implemented in 2020.

  2. 42 users voted in the poll in the original post, and 81% of them wanted to at least see this as an option. Limiting who does and does not get to see the option is completely unfair to the majority of users who are interested in at least discussing this option with their league.

  3. I believe the premise of your argument is incorrect. Weighted odds remain true to the spirit of competitive balance. I believe we disagree on this point, but I do not think it needs to be discussed further, as there are already two threads in which this was fully engaged.

Finally, I’ll note that this is a pretty abusive way to use this Wishlist forum.

This forum is a privilege. It’s one that I love to participate in and learn from and utilize, but it remains a privilege. The more I have to spend time responding to topics in this forum like this one, the less time I have to improve the site. If this forum becomes a time sink, we’ll all lose out on what I consider a great avenue of feedback.

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