Projected "followers" designated on lineup page

Thanks to our friends at we are now able to present Follower information on the lineup page.

As noted on the lineup page, followers are designated with a right arrow:

Here is how Tarik Skubal, designated as a follower on April 30, appears on the lineup page in League 1:

Projected starters and followers are always subject to change. With followers especially, Rotowire is beholden to the quality and timing of the information teams make available. However, I believe they do a great job with this data and it will be really helpful for setting lineups. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you see seemingly incorrect projected followers.

Thanks as always for supporting Ottoneu Fantasy Sports.


So does that mean we need to put them in an SP slot in order to accrue points? Or do we put them in RP?

Followers are RPs.