Projected Next Game For Auctions/Trades

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Kind of a weird request but it would be nice to see what time a player’s game is in 2 days before starting an auction so you know if they’ll be able to be in your lineup for that day or not. Same goes for pitchers and next starts. Trades less useful than auctions but still nice to have.

So like, next 72hrs on a player card?

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Definitely. Just feeling a little burned because I started a Jason Heyward auction 2 days ago right at his gametime for today. Had I known the game was this early would have started it an hour earlier or something. Also good to know for pitchers if they have a start mid-auction. Not that big a deal ultimately but yeah 72 hour preview would be great.

Three years later, this is complete! You can now see the next 3 games for a player (including today) on every player page. Here is what Fernando Tatis Jr’s next three looks like to me in league 1.


I noticed this upgrade this morning and this is FANTASTIC!!! Thanks, great upgrade!

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