Projected positional depth based on Roster Organizer

One of the things that I’ve been thinking that would be helpful is if the roster organizer, which for me (and I’d guess most) is the main page that people use during the offseason, had the team’s positional depth update as players were moved to trade, cut, etc sections. Currently this feature, which I find very helpful in season, doesn’t change when re-arranging your potential roster during the offseason, so all of my players in the cut and trade section still show up in the positional depth, even though I’m not planning for them to be a part of my team next season. This might require adding the positional elig to targets (maybe as a check box - or allowing for this to be similar to the trade block where when you enter the name it fetches the details of the player - price, team, position).

Just a thought - which I’m realizing morphed into multiple thoughts. Thanks for everything, Niv!

Positional depth is meant to show exactly where your team is, and it serves that purpose well.

Adding a “projected positional depth” table to the roster organizer page only could be a solution here, but that also seems, well, overkill and potentially confusing. I could talk myself into it as I do more work planning for 2023, maybe.

That’s not to mention that players in the minors do not currently factor into the MLB depth - even if it’s widely expected that the player makes the jump in the upcoming year.

Not sure how a potential “projected positional depth” table would address this.

Well I think a potential solution here would be for the projected depth chart to entirely reflect what is happening in the Roster Organizer. So if you have a prospect you’re slotting in at SS, your projected MLB depth would have an additional SS, even if the player is currently considered ‘in the minors’ by the site.


I guess with that, would more flexibility in the Roster Organizer be warranted? For example, allow for any player to be placed into any position?

Unearned position eligibility currently prevents that sort of planning.

No, that is a pretty clear crossing of the line of what the Roster Organizer is meant to do.

One of my concerns about adding something like a “Projected Depth Chart” is that it would be confusing, and comments like this reinforce that concern.

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You can export either your league rosters (or all your teams’) to CSV very easily. I maintain separate Excel spreadsheets to help figure this kind of stuff out.

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when players are moved to the trade and cut portions of the roster organizer the salary cap info updates as if those actions have already been completed. maybe the same could happen to the positional depth chart (on roster organizer only) for those two plus the minors.