Projecting a start for Roansy Contreras for 5/7?

Where did that projection get drawn from? He’s back in triple A, and the Pirates so far haven’t used him as a starter. I haven’t seen on MLBTR or Rotowire that he’s being recalled.

All our projections come from Rotowire. If Roansy Contreras has a checkmark, it is because they currently project Roansy Contreras to start on the 7th. Not sure what kind of answer you expected but there it is.

The Pirates have two double headers to play this week and Contreras is a SP on the 40 man. He has actually been used as a SP in his two AAA starts so far this year. Moreover, he last threw on 04/30/22 and I read somewhere that they’re skipping his regular start this week in AAA so that he’ll be available on the May 7th. Miguel Yajure has been terrible so far this year and the only other option in the minors is Max Kranick.

To the best of my knowledge, his starting on that day hasn’t been officially announced. But the other facts and basic logic strongly suggest that they’ll bring him up as an extra arm for the DH and quite probably give him the start because they don’t really have a better option. RW will probably have a blurb about it soon once things become more certain.

Okay! Thank you. I didn’t know the answer, so I asked the question. No intimation that anybody is doing anything wrong. You guys do a great job. I just didn’t understand. Thanks.