Prospect Distribution List

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The Ottoneu community gives us the opportunity to create distribution lists of members. I will be pumping out a lot of prospect-related content this off-season, so if you are a prospect enthusiast and want to get notified of new content via “@prospects”, just let me know and I’ll add you to this special group.

2017 Prospect Lists & Resources
Welcome to the Ottoneu Community

Please add me to the contact list.


Yeah go ahead and add me as well


You guys have been added. This list will get busier in the off-season, and will probably be helpful for those in 5MiLB leagues like @Brinksmanship


Just added the Chicago Cubs first 2017 prospect list. If you want to be added to the “prospect” distribution list here on the community, let me know. Lots of content coming this off-season.


Please add me. Thanks!


Add me to the list too


Please add me to the list as well @LuckyStrikes


Add me as well please!


Alright, add me please.


Done! Will keep you posted as more prospect content is available.


Add me please. Thanks!


Could you please add me to the prospect distribution list?


heck yeah plz add me


Please add me too.


I’ve added each of you guys: @educhaj @amdream007 @VoteForPedro @TwinsFanMJB. More prospect content coming this winter


please add me to the contact list!


If anyone else in the @community would like to be added to the prospect distribution list for notification of prospect resources this off-season, let me know. We’ll be entering heavy prospect season soon.


Please sign me up


Add me please thanks!