Proxy needed (for about~30 min) for draft in <90 min

Hey community,
I’m Arkie on Slack, and I have a draft starting in less than 90 minutes (4pm Pacific, 7 Eastern) and I need a proxy to stand in for me for about the first 30 minutes, maybe more, maybe less. I know this is a lot to ask, so I’d be willing to return the favor by sending you a couple baseball cards or something. Hope this isn’t the wrong place for this type of request, if it is, apologies.
This is a vote off league so there are a number of big name FAs. I’ll send a few guys I like, but no pressure to pick em, I’ll let you do what you want.

Message me here on the forum if you can help out.

I think the term you want is ‘proxy’

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:joy: that’s what I meant

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