Proxy Needed for Draft Day 2 in 4x4 Startup League - Feb 19, 3-6 pm est

Hey everyone, my nephew insists on getting married on the only date we could agree on to hold our second draft session in League 1344, a startup 4x4 league for first-time Ottoneu managers (well, he would have been ok postponing it a couple months, but his fiancé won’t budge). So that has left me looking for a proxy for this Saturday, February 19, 3-6 pm est.

It’s a great opportunity for anyone looking to hone their bargain hunting skills: you’ll have $61 to fill 27 spots. You don’t have to stay for the whole thing, if you can just make a few bids and help me snipe a few of my league mates I’ll be more than happy.

So if you’re a kind soul who is up for the challenge, drop me a line and I’ll add you as co-manager of the Stong lsland Amazin: