Proxy unable to draft

Having an odd situation here during our draftt. Have a team with a manager who is in Germany and so having someone who is co-managing another team draft for him. I turned over the German guy’s team to the proxy guy and he’s online but he’s not showing up as online in the draft room

League 26 and the team in question is team 119

I see one manager for team 119. It should have 2, the original manager and the proxy. No reason to remove the original manager.

Ok. Yeah they were both there and the proxy wasn’t showing up as online so I removed the original. I’ll reinstall the original

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Ok, well if you have the usernames correct (and you can doublecheck them with me) I don’t see any reason the team wouldn’t be showing up as online.

They’ve been reinstalled and on the league page it says they’re with team 119, but then when they enter the draft room they’re with team 154

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Ford and I sorted this out, for anyone who sees this in the future. Was that damned cache again.