Public APIs


Any chance we can get public API’s so I can wire up an app to control my team a little more friendly on my phone. I’m new to ottoneu, so apologies if something like this is out there.


This is super interesting to me but also a very large ask, as you might imagine. One day…


How ridiculous is it to ask for a public Rest API that lets me view and set my own lineups?

Edited: I see I wasn’t the first to ask for this.

I would love a set lineup page that shows me both hitters and pitchers in one screen.


My goal would be able to see and set lineups for one or more teams via my own interface or cURL commands.

I think just two endpoints would give me what I want:

GET roster for team x, on date y – basically all the data that is currently on the Lineups page
POST roster for team x, on date y – to set the lineups page

I assume the body of the post would be a list of player IDs, with position for each one.
Some error checking would have to reject improper position assignment. It would also be nice to have a default behavior that moving a player into a position will move the active player to the bench (unless there is another open spot in the case of C, OF, SP, RP).

If date y is not provided, assume it is today.

I think API end points to GET and POST trade offers and messages would also be helpful, but the roster setting is what I’m really interested in.


I’m considering a slow-auction Ottoneu league and realized that the data entry would be team by team or player by player. An API that would allow me to POST auction results (a json with values for team, player, auction value) would make that task a lot easier.