QQs: Six Picks Prices

Quick question about player pricing for the Six Picks game.

I submitted my entry for tomorrow yesterday afternoon before the player prices adjusted. For example, I put a $26.50 Wander Franco in my lineup. Franco’s price has since increased to $31.75; however, my entry is still showing as valid with the $26.50 price.

Just to confirm, I’ve got a valid entry with the cheaper Franco? If so, is it then always the case that you should submit your entry for Monday before prices reset for the upcoming week? if I were to make a modification to my lineup, would it trigger an update to prices for my entire roster?

Thanks in advance and thanks for creating this game. I’m really having a blast with it.

Prices adjust every day. You get the player at whatever price they are at when you pick them. If you want to make a six picks entry 14 hours before games start and before lineups come out, be my guest.

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Awesome, thanks for the clarification! I thought it was weekly for some reason, but good to know it’s daily.

Today we have a single 2:10pm game and then the next games don’t start until after 6pm, so probably won’t have lineups anyway. Happy to have the cheaper Franco for one more day. :slight_smile:

The price adjustment code uses a rolling one week average, so you’ll see more granualar adjustments starting today now that we are one week into the season.

UPDATE Err, we are more than a week into the season, but yeah you’ll notice it more now. Price adjustment runs every night.

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