Question about a trade in League 530

What’s happening here?

Trade in question:

floor is open to @joecatz

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From the trade note:

"Catz agrees to send Stephen Strasburg to Grays upon completion of pending trade. "

So presumably there is another pending trade involving Strasburg, who was sent along once the trade is processed in return for no further consideration. Indeed, he was.

So it was a December 2020 trade of $86 Trout for $25 Strasburg and $24 Donaldson. IMHO, the only keeper in that bunch is Strasburg, but YMMV. I don’t see anything particularly exceptional about it given the relative surplus (or deficit) values associated with some of the players involved.

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So this was a deal jay (bills217) and I made on winter meeting day. I had A pending trade where I was as acquiring strasburg and rather than waiting for that deal to come in we put a note in to let the rest of the league know that this deal was contingent on the other one.

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