Question About Average Auction Values

For the average auction values, are those all leagues or just first year drafts? If the former, would it be possible to get a latter? Trying to calculate potential surplus values from my projections and am most interested in just seeing data on leagues having their first year drafts.

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Is this about football or baseball leagues?

Question was about football, but would be interested in it for baseball too.


  • Walt
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So, no average values for either baseball or football are first-year only.

I have a hidden first-year only flag for baseball that I need to make an interface for, and I need to do the same work for football. I was just talking to an advisor about how filtering down to just first year + live auction prices would be more useful for new owners than seeing the overall averages. Some players are kept at very low prices, and it skews the averages badly.

So, consider this noted as a wishlist item of somewhat high priority.


Thanks for the response!

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