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Hey all! Hope you’ll forgive the novice question, but here goes: given that there are no salary cap penalties until the keeper deadline, is there any benefit to cutting players now? Wouldn’t it be better to hang on to guys as potential trade assets, and then cut them right before the keeper deadline? Even for guys who are pretty garbage, there’s always that person who wants to play the long odds on a guy they like. Is there something I’m not thinking about?

You should make cuts as close to the keeper deadline as you feel comfortable. There is no reason to cut players now - other teams in your league may want to trade for them, something may happen in the off-season that changes their situation, etc.

You are spot on.


I’m 100% in agreement with Niv. Some owners like to cut players this time of year for cathartic reasons, but there’s really no rational benefit to making cuts before January.

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Yeah I found it really odd to wake up this morning and find that two owners in my league had cut more than 10 players each, some of whom I would have traded for.

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Thanks for the replies, guys!

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Hi Guys, is the January 31st Keeper deadline end of the day on the 31st (11:59pm) or do you have to make every move on the 30th?

11:59pm EASTERN Time on the 31st.

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