Question about Game/Inning Limits

I’m confused by several rules in the Rosters-In Season section.
I’ve never been in a league with a game maximums and minimums. What exactly does this mean?
Does it mean that I can only accrue 1250-1500 inning from pitching and 162 games from positional players with 810 games from outfielders and I cannot exceed that from my utility players? Or is it just the slots can’t exceed that amount of games?

These are per lineup slot minimums and maximums. I don’t know what you mean by “utility players” but I am guessing you mean players on your bench?

Basically you cannot play a player in any given lineup slot more than the maximum. The site won’t let you. If you play less than the minimum in 4x4 leagues you will get penalized, since there are rate stats in those leagues and you shouldn’t be allowed to game them by not playing a full squad for a full season.

Hi, I’m new and looking to join a new league, I apologize if I start asking lots of stupid questions…

Is there a 162 game limit for offensive positions in the new H2H leagues?

There are no stupid questions!

The game limits (162 for all positions other than OF, 810 for OF) will remain in place for H2H.

I see there are no matchup limits on IP or GS (having only 2 SP spots regulates both), does this mean there is no season IP cap or minimum requirement?

There are no season-long IP minimums or maximums in H2H.

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Still no points for starts accrued from the RP slots in lineup for H2H, right?

Yes, unless explicitly stated otherwise the gameplay is exactly the same as all other Ottoneu game modes.

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If I started a player who wasn’t in the starting lineup but came in as a pinch hitter and accrued stats, will that count at all toward my games played at his position?
Thanks Niv!

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Yes, it will count towards your game limits.

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Aha. I had not realized the innings cap didn’t exist for H2H – great news for me, actually!

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