Question on Player Claims

one of my favorite features of Ottoneu is reviewing the details of an Auction Draft (especially those I win) since I get to see who bid, how much, and when I win I get an idea who else values that player…

a day or so ago Tatis was cut in our League and went to waivers…today he was claimed by the last place team in our League…unlike an Auction, I can’t tell if he went to the only team that claimed him OR that ten teams made a claim and he was awarded to the team lowest in the standings

did I miss something about being able to see the claim details or is there a reason the interest isn’t reviewable?

If you go to the players section then hit the “waiver claim” button, it will show a list of everyone who put in claims for a given player.

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thanks…felt like it was something that was here…appreciate the advice

have a great season