Question on "Points" vs "Points In Lineup" on the OPL Team page

I assumed “Points” referred to the total number of points the player earned during the round irrespective of being included in the OPL team lineup via the best ball algorithm. Then I noticed values for “Points” lower than “Points In Lineup”.

What do these columns mean? (Fully expect that I’m missing something super obvious, by the way.)

Points = all points, including days in which points are negative.

Points in lineup = points on the days that player made your OPL lineup via the best ball algorithm.

Points will always be lower, since it includes 0-4 days, negative pitching outings, etc.

I should also note Points in lineup could differ from team to team based on that team’s depth, etc.

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Ah yes… “including days in which points are negative” …duh.

Points could be higher. I see this on quite a few teams. Presumably the player earned very few points (1.6 after going 1-4) and was not included in the lineup.

Points being higher than points in lineup seems only likely for pitchers.