Questions about the Vote-Off system

I am partial to Arbitration but with regards to Vote-Off there will be only one (Voted off) player in the entire league up for grabs in the Auction?

I’m sorry, could you please clarify exactly what your question is?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I just wanted to know if with Vote-Off there is only ONE player in the entire league whom the league eventually bids on? Like there is just one player in the whole league who collectively received the most votes and became available in an auction.

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No, one player per team is made a RFA.

A good practical overview can be read here

Does that help?

Ok, thanks a lot!

What if two players on a team tie for the most amount of votes?

In that case, whichever player has the vote from the lowest team in the standings is voted off.

Ok cool.

One final question – do you personally find one arbitration system neater than another?

Vote-off is the system we launched with, that is what we came up with in the 5 years before Ottoneu became a service.

Allocations were a community invention, and I think its a significant improvement over the vote-off system. It’s also much more in the spirit of the market-based economy of the game.

While baseball offers both, football does not even have a vote-off option.


Ok interesting. Thank you for answering my questions!

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