Randy Arozarena

Was told by several posters here as well a few members in my league that I overbid for Randy Arozarena at $28 and that he would not put up the points for the price I paid for him…well not only does he have more points(133) than the supposedly #1 most wanted fantasy player for this season Trea Turner ($56)who I also have on my team with twice the salary Arozarena cost me…He also has only 7 OF’s at this moment, that have more points than him…Acuna, Judge, Trout, Tucker, Nimmo, Marsh and Outman…And when you look at overall game in regards to FG points, (power, speed, hitting ability, SB accuracy) there’s only 2 OF’s above (Trout and Acuna) that can match or outperform Arozarena’s overall game…Some Ottoneu expert told me I should trade Arozarena for that price that I got him for…No thank you, he is one of the reasons I currently am in 5th place in a 12 team league in just my 1st season at Ottoneu…In my pure baseball opinion, Arozarena will and should be mentioned among the top 5-10 OF’s in the game…He, as well as the Tampa Bay Rays deserve to no longer be looked at as “just having a couple good months”…

I wouldn’t be taking a victory lap 3 weeks into the season personally. We shall see. I’d be pretty surprised if Randy finishes as a top 10 OF in points leagues


As someone who has rostered Randy for a few years now: the valleys can be as deep as the peaks are high.


That is the beauty of Ottoneu’s economic system! If you think Arozarena is a top 5 OF and are willing to pay for that value, you can. You have the freedom to assemble a team based on your perceived values and risks and then see how it stacks up against everyone else’s.

That being said, three weeks is a pretty small sample size, so there is likely some regression to the mean coming, unless the underlying skills have changed.


Couple of thoughts. First, being middle-of-the-pack isn’t exactly something to celebrate when you’re on pace for 1884.1 innings. Those excess innings have been allocated to pitchers averaging less than your average of 4.39 PIP as of this posting, so I’d suggest being more selective with who you’re starting at SP (3.72 PIP) as well as find some ways to improve your bullpen (6.81 PIP). That 4.39 PIP places you 10th in your league, so you’ve got quite a bit of work to do when it comes to shoring up your pitching.

Second, IIRC your original post was whether your OF was strong. As of this posting, you’re only averaging 5.03 PPG from your OF even with Arozarena’s hot start, which corroborates the consensus that your OF was not particularly strong. There are a few teams in your league with >5.5 PPG from their outfielders. Those are examples of teams where their outfields are relative strengths.


How bout stop looking at all the miniscule stats and past results and focus on what the players are doing on thd field now? Arozarena, another 2 hit game today, with a HR, Kelenic having a breakout year, Reynokds has been contributing nicely, Brian Anderson right now playing like best 1 year free agent signing in the offseason…Stop repeating and relying on what the Nerdy GM’s and Executives of MLB say and do…Baseball is not all about Numbers and Analytics…Its about performance on the field…The forementioned players are performing well right now…That’s all that matters…Did any executive and or stats geek think James Outman would be the NL Rookie of the year, which he would be if the season ended today? No they wouldn’t…Did anybody have Cody Bellinger being as productive as he is so far? No, because they looked at what he did the last couple years and said based on Analytics and numbers, he won’t be able to be the player he once was…Front Office executives nowadays try to predict everything on numbers and analytics and not actual talent…MLB and Baseball in general needs to go back to evaluating players on their actual tools and performance in the game instead of on analytics…Why can’t Randy Arozarena have a monster year after starting like this? Because your analytics and past stats say he can’t…Marcus Semien was never a highly talked about player until he finally came into his own and performed on the field and it wasn’t analytics that made him as good as he is…Stop listening to the numbers…Enough!!

Resurface at the end of the season and let’s review how you did.


Stop predicting how a player is going to perform that current season based on Analytics and Past Stats and Performance…Let the players play and show you what they really can do before you go to your Analytics lab and create a formula of how their 2023 is going to be…They are Major Leaguers for a reason!

Cool your jets dude. It’s pretend baseball for fun.


I am having Fun! What doesn’t make it fun is when I complement a player on the season he’s having so far and I have to hear statistical " know-it-alls" tell me “Well enjoy Arozarena while you can because his analytical formula says he can’t keep performing like this.” How bout letting me enjoy the success my team is having right now and letting me praise a player’s performance who I think fully deserves it without dousing my excitement wiith your Analytical Theories and Opinions?

Again, resurface at the end of the season and we’ll review how your team did. I’ll be more than happy to help you learn from your failures then.


Some friendly advice. You want to come here and say - wow isn’t Arozerena having a great season so far - fine. But coming in all chesty and pimping that you are in 5th place and shitting all over people who have been answering your questions and giving you advice, whether you agree or not, is a dick move.


I thought I would be in last place with all these Experienced Ottoneu players and a format I was unfamiliar with so 5th place out of 12 teams is quite an accomplishmen and I am not bragging about myself, I’m bragging about my players…What I don’t understand about the current state of this country that a professional adult, while giving their opinion on something has to relegate themselves to using vulgarities to get their points across…Grow up!!

…with regard to those “miniscule stats” I recalled something I read somewhere…

“How can you not be Pedantic about Baseball?”

I think I’ll wear that shirt today

                                                                                                             credit to Effectively Wild

Wait…you recalled reading that…on your own shirt? :hugs:


I read it on the Breaking-T/Fangraphs webpage…then I bought the shirt

pedantism takes many forms


How does someone prepare/participate in fantasy baseball without looking at past performance, statistics and analytics? Drafts happen before the games have been played… @smac222 how do you personally prepare for an upcoming season?

You look at their tools and how they were originally evaluated by Scouts…What made them originally sought after, their skill sets…Would I have drafted, traded for or signed Jarred Kelenic, Mitch Keller, Brian Anderson, Drew Rasmussen, Randy Arozarena, Connor Joe, Jonah Heim if I was basing everything on past performance, statistics and analytics? Definitely not…Besides their tools, you consider other factors like how improved overall is the team they are on, the stadium they are going to play their home games in, their defense that plays behind them, the style of offense their team plays and does it benefit their skillset as a player or not etc…For example, in the offseason, Brian Anderson moved from one of the worst hittng parks (Marlins) to one of the best hitting parks (Brewers)…Just that fact alone would make someone take a $1 chance on a hitter and realize he can only go up as a hitter, playing all his home games Milwaukee…As for Kelenic, every hitting coach and evaluator said this kid’s the real deal, a 5 tool player.Just needed to put less presure on himself and make slight additions to the more advanced MLB pitching…He did that in the offseason and Spring Training and now you are seeing what the Scouts saw of him when he was selected as the 6th pick of the 2018 MLB Draft…If I based eveything on Kelenic’s performance and analytics this past season I would never of considered making an offseason trade for him…

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I paid $30. :slight_smile: Totally worth it if he gets me over 800 points this year.

$30 is the maximum paid for Randy. Hilarious. At least I am not paying $69 for Julio Rodriguez.

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