Rating my OF group

In my first year of Ottoneu, taking over for a team that had me in a $552.00 hole before the draft…I of course had to dump lots of salary and really good players to get back into the $300 or so range…When the draft happened, my power went out and was only able to select 3 players, so the rest of my team I had to acquire thru trades and free agents…My OF was a mess when I acquired the team…Here are my main 8 OF’s now where I will start 5 every day…Wanted to get some experienced players on how I did to completely revamp my OF after having no real chance at the draft…

  1. Randy Arozarena
  2. Bryan Reynolds
  3. Adolis Garcia
  4. Jake McCarthy
  5. Josh Naylor
  6. Jarred Kelenic
  7. Adam Duvall
  8. Kyle Stowers

You really need to specify the scoring format and the salaries of these players to evaluate them. For example, an $8 Kelenic is a very different asset than a $16 Kelenic. Doubly so in your particular case, where you might be looking to flip some players as part of a rebuild given that you missed the auction.

No I don’t want to rebuild…This team finished in 2nd place last year, but the previous owner left me in a huge financial hole as well as having to pay out loans and then missing most of the draft didn’t help, but I think I’ve done pretty well to get my OF back up to pretty decent…Josh Naylor $5 was the only OF that is from last years 2nd place team…Arozarena $28 (Acquired via Draft) Reynolds $21 (Aquired via trade) Garcia $5 (Acquired via trade) McCarthy $3 (Acquired via trade) Kelenic $8 (Acquired via trade) Duvall $2 (Acquired via FA) Stowers $1 (Acquired via FA)…
Our format is Fangraphs Points…Not a H2H league…

I know you’re new to the game, but a $522 cap with $122 in incoming loans is typical of a top 3 finish, not an outlier. You were not in a ‘huge financial hole’ by any means.

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Loving $8 Kelenic personally. Not sure I am loving $28 Randy but …

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“No i dont want to rebuild” always famous last words. Its okay to not contend for playoffs every single year especially if you’re team lacks the top-end talent to really compete. Rebuilds in ottoneu can be done in less than year

Agree Arozarena is overpriced and Kelenic is a good value. Everyone else looks around par value. I have an irrational level of confidence in Duvall, so I like him at $2.

Unless your infield and/or pitching is bonkers, that outfield seems like a ~6-8th finish team, in which case I’d look to flip Arozarena and maybe Reynolds depending on the return. There’s a first mover advantage to rebuilding. You don’t have to commit to a rebuild in March or April, but definitely by late May or early June I’d consider it.

Tip: when you evaluate your team’s place in the standings, be sure to account for IP: a mediocre team can look great in June if they’re well above pace in IP (this applies to your evaluation of competitors as well as your own team). At the same time, don’t overrate a team that’s well behind pace in IP, as they likely have a greater percentage of points coming from RP. Most teams only get a max of ~350 IP out of their bullpens. You can approach 400 if you carry a lot of extra RP and are clever enough to manage your bullpen well, but at a certain point there’s a natural limit. So if a team at the start of June is at 400 innings with 120 coming out of bullpen, don’t simply pro-rate their PPG to project what they’ll put up in 1500 innings. Analyze SP and RP separately, with 350 being projected limit of what under pace teams will get from their bullpens. But I digress…


Not going to rebuild…Infield is Varsho $7 Heim $4 France $13 Semien $18 Turner $56 Seager $37 Miranda $6 Bell $13 Lemahieu $15 D. Villar $1

My rotation is Darvish, Strider, Manoah, Rasmussen, Bassitt, Keller, Kikuchi, Quantrill, Bradish, Shuster, Kremer

Bullpen is Pressley, Romano, McGough, Sewald, Stephan, King, Pallante

Just cause the OF might not include Yordan, Tatis or Julio, when you mix in the infield and the entire pitching staff, this is not a rebuilding team…

Definitely above average (at a minimum) infield, but average pitching staff. Infield approaching what I’d consider “bonkers.” Any minor league talent you could trade for OF help?

As I said before, you might as well give it a go for a few months. But honestly my overall impression is that I don’t think it’s a championship caliber team in a competitive league. Maybe if your $32 outfielder was better than Arozarena.

But there’s a reason why they play the games, so by all means see where you are in late May before selling (if that’s how it goes). Best of luck.

What’s your league number? I can’t seem to find your team/ league anywhere.

Edit: I take that back, Camden Yards Cronies

I was looking in the wrong scoring setting.

Running through my own offensive projections, your offense starters seem to be about 3rd best in your league. Behind these two teams:

The Capa-detaters
LIMA 1.0

Not bad for missing out on the draft.

Austin Meadows
Esteury Ruiz
Manuel Margot

Are some names on the FA wire that could add some OF depth and intrigue.