Re-adding a player via waivers who was cut within last 30 days?

We had a recent situation where CMC was cut, ended up being put up for auction at 1/2 original salary, won at auction by a player who didn’t actually want him and was getting cute trying to make him cost more for someone else, cut an hour later, and then claimed off waivers by the person who originally cut him because he was lower in the standings than others who claimed.

Is this a loop hole?

Parallel question for clarity, could the original person who cut CMC have bid at the second auction in the event he had cleared waivers the second time and was put up for auction? Essentially, is the 30-day blackout on auctioning and bidding on cut players in effect or erased if they are subsequently added and cut by another team within that window?


Yeah, you can claim a player that you’ve cut within 30 days. But you can’t start or bid on an auction involving that player within 30 days of cutting him, regardless of what transactions involving that transpire.

So what the guy who cut CMC did is perfectly legal, IMHO. The guy who you should be annoyed at is the guy who tried to price enforce on a free agent auction.


Oh we aren’t mad at the guy who claimed him, this is all the result of the big brain inflation bid