Read receipts on team-to-team messages

You now can see if a message you’ve sent via the team messaging system has been read by the other party.

I’m considering other ways of improving the interface of team messages - let me know if you have any thoughts on this.


I’d request a way to see if teams are active, IE last time an owner was in the site/changed lineup. etc.

This is already possible if you’re the commissioner of a league, you can see the last login date for all owners.

Seeing it written out like this, it feels like maybe an advantage for commissioners. So I’ve added most recent activity to team pages and the inbox header.


Awesome, now every owner in the league can be a watch dog for complacent teams.

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Niv, can you clarify “activity” - I assume this just means logging into the site and viewing your team, but wanted to be sure. What is the bare minimum to trigger a date change?

Yes, logging in.

That’s great… thanks again for the quick action…

Love these changes, it’s fantastic being able to see if I’m wasting my time or not making offers, etc. There is some concern about it being used to see who started an auction. What would you think of removing the timestamp and just displaying the date?


Makes sense to me. I will change this across the board.



Thanks! Great update!

One unplanned consequence though: it may be possible to see who started auctions by the Last Login timestamp. Perhaps it would be better to remove the exact time of login and just include the date?

Not a huge deal either way, just brainstorming.

I’ve added user activity (without the timestamp for the reasons @Chris_Topher and @sakiehl raised) to the trade block hub as well. Trade notifications should show up on that page now too. Hopefully that page is turning into a nice hub for starting the hard work of building a good trade offer.

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