Recent Points Performance not showing delta from start of the season, only from end of the first day

The 7 and 30 day values seem to be reflecting the 1 day values.

This is not a bug, it is working as intended.

The first day with stats was 7/23. 7/22 was before the season started so the only days with stats right now are 7/23 and 7/24. 1-day, 7-day and 30-day performances are all comparing 7/24 and 7/23.

Tomorrow these numbers will start to diverge.

There could be an argument that if the date range goes to before the season the delta should be compared to 0 (or in the case of roto leagues, whatever an evened out distribution of points would be) instead of the totals at the end of the first day, but I’m not going to spend too much time on that right now.

Eh I’ve basically immediately changed my mind on this. It is working as intended but I will spend a little time this weekend trying to make it more as expected. Gonna shift this over to Wishlist though.

Hey if I’m the only one who thought it was confusing, no big deal! And if it’s truly only with the beginning of the season then this is a bit less important. Thanks for having a look.

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I’ll spend a little time looking into this over the weekend and see what the effort level is, but the 1/7/30 performance numbers should start differing from each other with today’s game.

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Seems to be working as you described!

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