Recent transactions "add" should link to auction results

Football. Why isn’t there a link for add when you click on a player/on the league page to see all the bids?

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Do you want an answer to your question “why” or was that a framing device that comes off as rude?

I am not sure this data has been stored correctly on the football side up to this point but sometime this or next week I’ll look into it. In the meantime full auction results are available on the auctions page.

It was more of a request. Didn’t mean to frame it as being mean. I enjoy that aspect of baseball, I can see who I can trade to

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Makes sense to me, definitely. That info is on the site now, but making it more prominent is useful.

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Going forward, if a player is added via auction, their transaction history will link to the auction results.

We don’t have this data going backwards so it will just be for in-season player auctions going forward.