Record book pitching records not considering minimum IP

It doesn’t look like the record book is considering the minimum IP required for pitching records.

In league 772 for example…

Team “Newer Beginning” didn’t have any innings pitched in 2017, yet holds a few records.

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Good call. I’ll check this out as we get closer to the season.

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Minor issue for those who care about random stats: The record book page says the pitching records are based on seasons with a minimum of 1250 IP, but I see a 2019 record in my league for 303 BBs in less than 900 IP. Might be easier to remove the text that claims there is a limit than to fix the bug. Not sure if anyone would care about it.

My last response is pretty upsetting in retrospect. With the shorter season this year, having the record book respect minimum IP numbers is a bit more important and I’ll look into it.

I noticed a lot of our league’s pitching records for counting stats were all ‘broken’ in 2020 due to the shortened season. Is there a way to omit the records from 2020?

Caught stealing was also ‘broken.’

One day I’ll revisit the Record Book…

Just thought I would bump this topic. I glanced at our record book the other day and I fear the 0 HBP record from 2020 may never be broken…

This is the lowest of low priorities, but I noticed that 2020 results are displayed in the record book for categories where the lowest value is good (CS, BB, HBP, HRA, etc.). These records will obviously never be broken, but they’re also uninteresting since they’re from a season unlike any we’ll see again (hopefully). Could they be excluded from this view somehow?


While only 4x4 has an official 1250 IP minimum, I am changing the record book to require a 1250 IP minimum for any “record” regardless of league scoring option. This should fix 2020 stats as well as other outliers.

The 1250 IP minimum is also required for any hitting stats record. Basically, 1250 IP shows a bare minimum amount of engagement in order to make the record book for any statistic.