Record Offensive Day (FG Points)

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I’m not sure if it’s a record or not, but it has to be close. On 8/12/17 @hernandez17 scored 162 points on offense (starting lineup) in @BullDurham52. I’ve never seen that before, so if anyone has scored higher, this would be a great place to post and keep a log of the best offense and pitching days in Ottoneu history.


on april 15th 2016 in league 462 i scored 147 with a total of 8 homeruns! not quite Jed’s score though.


I think @keefsmitty said he had a 216 point day earlier this season? That’s incredible and probably a record that will last for quite awhile.


Here are the details. Happened on June 13th.

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You cut Dietrich after this, right?


I had a 341.93 total point day on Sept. 12th. 106 hitting and 235 pitching.


Think I had a couple of 198 point hitter days this year, with 330 total. I think there have been 350+ point days from some people.


I had this day last year, not as much but not everyone played.