Reddit: r/OttoneuFantasySports subreddit

Hello all! I created a subreddit to discuss all things Ottoneu leagues. In a lot of ways it just serves the purpose that this site does, but of course there are many subreddits that exist for sites and subjects that already have forum/blog pages. Reddit is get for organizing threads and provides unique benefits that other forum sites do not provide. So, please check it and start discussing!


And the link in case anyone needs it:

What do you see as the benefits of a Reddit sub over the existing Ottoneu Slack channel?

This is a weird comparison (Slack and Reddit have basically no common properties), but I am curious why this is a better option than r/fantasybaseball.

I could have expressed the idea better. I agree that they are very different platforms, but you need a critical mass of users to sustain a Reddit sub. My thought was just that a sufficient number of users were unlikely to frequent a new sub given that most people who spend a lot of time discussion Ottoneu-specific fantasy sports have already found a home on Slack. In other words, I’m not sure that there are sufficient benefits to a new Reddit sub that would attract the Slack crowd to it. YMMV.

I think anything that raises awareness of Ottoneu in the broader online fantasy baseball community is a good thing; however, that is probably better accomplished on Reddit within the existing fantasy baseball forums.

Definitely aligned with everything you said there. The benefits of Reddit come out when you utilize an existing community - creating a new community is hard.

The mods at r/fantasybaseball are very friendly towards Ottoneu and I believe a couple of them play. I think Ottoneu content would be welcome there.

Okay thanks for the feedback. I have already reached out to the mods there and hopefully there is space for Ottoneu content there. I’m not sure if you are familiar with r/fantasyfootball versus r/fantasy_football. Essentially the former only allows news-based and generalized fantasy content, where the latter allows individualized posts about specific leagues/teams/trades/etc. I’m looking for the latter, and as I understand r/fantasybaseball is the former. That is in part why I thought r/fantasybaseball might not serve as the best home for this type of content. Does that make sense?

Yeah that makes sense in terms of finding a one-stop shop, but I think creating and growing a community is a lot of work and I’d guess you might find more conversation using these forums + existing subreddits than trying to get people to go to a new place.

You can definitely post any Ottoneu trades here for review - the more stuff that shows up here, the more people will be conditioned to look for it and maybe engage.