Regression to the Mean ($50 SABR, league 37)

Looking for owners to take over two established mid-tier teams in one of the older ottoneu leagues.

Message me or reply if interested.

I’m interested and would prefer to take over team 187 (second one) listed in your note, if it’s still available?

I played for in an ottoneu league with minors included for about 3 years, maybe 3 years ago, and miss it.


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Hey Mark it is still available. Can you send me your username to add you?

Great! Username is Big_Papi and I’ll look for more league comms and instructions once you add me. Thanks!


Ok, one filled, still looking for an owner to take over Fipronil:

Current longtime owner is stepping away as they won’t have time going forward. Team has a $36 Story, $34 Donaldson, $24 Nola, $9 Soroka, $7 Kepler, $6 Lynn and $4 Hendriks with mostly par assets otherwise.

Still looking for one more, let me know if you are interested.

Still looking for an owner for FIPronil if anyone is looking. I’ll update this thread when that changes.

Second team is filled, thanks.

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Had an owner ghost us, if anyone wants a roster with Trout, Betts, Freeman, Cole, Blackmon, Báez and Yates:

Oh, and a cheap ($6) Semien! He was hiding in there.

Team is claimed, thanks everyone.