Remove back to back games against the same opponent

We have had several cases already this season with back to back weeks against the same opponent. Since these would always be in division games it can really impact the season as if you have injuries that’s doubling up on 2 weeks rather than potentially being in a better position for the next game.


I have plans to do this for baseball in 2020 and if it works I’ll bring it over to football for 2020. Having back to back games against the same team is definitely annoying.


I have not quite perfected getting the scheduling algorithm to care about back to backs and also fill out a full schedule at the same time.

I’m hoping to add multiple matchups to football ahead of the 2023 season, which would make ‘avoid back to backs’ moot, so that’s my update on this request.

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Huge update on this front. With the help of @vibbot we now have a schedule generator that completely avoids back to back matchups across all Ottoneu Fantasy Football league configurations.

If you’re interested in having your league’s schedule updated before the game kicks off tonight, let me know.

It should also be noted that our new schedule template system pushes high-stakes division matchups towards the end of the season, which should create some exciting dynamics as we get closer to the playoffs.


League 171 is interested in this, please update.


Should be done.

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A League of Their Own would be interested as well.

Gonna need a league ID- you can find this on your settings page

League 219 would like to apply this change

Hey Niv. League #144 will take the update, please!

Hello, can we please have this implemented for league #214? Thank you.

Give it a minute, but 219, 144, and 214 are set.


I found y’all, #263 - should be set shortly.

League 190 would love an update. Thanks, Niv!

All set 190!

In the future, this will be the default for all leagues. I am only asking right now because I got this done pretty late and didn’t want to surprise anyone with new schedules on Kickoff Day.


Can you still do this even with week 1 started?



Sorry, can’t do it. It will be the default next season!

For full transparency, someone in league 1 noticed a bug where one team will play another team out of their division back to back incorrectly in weeks 3 and 4. The bug is with the one divisional game that shows up in week 3.

This only affects leagues with 3 divisions.

This bug has been fixed for 2024 and beyond, but won’t be changed retroactively this year.