Removing an owner

I just had a team that wants out of league over drafting time conflict. How can I remove him and refund his money?

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Naz pretty sure if u didn’t draft yet he gets a full refund.

Hey, I’m that owner. The advice on the communities thread isn’t exactly accurate. It says to click the gear, which brings me to a page where I can withdraw, but I am not being given that option.

Bwowls just message Niv he will take care of it. Nick can do it tho, because I have done it before for a guy. Should have stayed in I would have enjoyed taking your money.

I think I have it figured out now.

For an owner to get a full refund for withdrawing from a league, the owner has to initiate the action. A commissioner removing an owner will not result in a full refund.

If you do not see the withdraw option, that is because the site believes your league has already drafted. If your league hasn’t drafted and you do not see the withdraw option, please email

I wrote this here as well:

But leaving this information here in case anyone else reads this thread.

Does the withdraw option on the roster page only work for first year leagues? I noticed on my existing league that has not drafted that the withdraw option does not exist. It only says that I should contact commissioner to abandon team. Thanks.

Correct. Withdrawing is only an option for leagues as they are forming. If you’ve renewed a team in an existing league, that is a commitment to that league and the other owners in that league, so getting a refund is by design more difficult.

If you have an issue in an existing league, you can email to see if a refund is possible.